Sliding-folding doors are the perfect choice for a home where the lounge opens up to a garden or veranda, or an apartment or office which opens up to a balcony. With the ability of bringing inspiration and creativity into a home by transforming rooms into fashionable living areas, a set of folding sliding doors can blend spaces together, remove barriers between the interior and exterior of your space. They are also a very practical solution when it comes to affording flexibility to conference centres or community centres where sometimes you would like to have the space partitioned and sometimes totally opened.
Sliding doors (also commonly called patio doors) are a perfect solution if you are looking for an affordable way to maximise your view out of your living or office space. They automatically transform any space, also inviting in much more light than standard doors. We have a few different varieties of sliding doors on offer, suited to different requirements and budgets.
Hinged Aluminium doors, also known as French doors, are probably the most standard type of doors, allowing them to open inward or outward but not both ways. Hinged doors can be manufactured in almost any style or design to suit the clients need.