Casement windows can take one of two forms – top-hung or side-hung.
The obvious benefit of this is to control wind, rain or ventilation into the space to the exact degree that you like. Top-hung casement windows are probably the best solution for the weather-facing side of any building, as you can have them open without admitting any rain or severe winds.
Sliding windows are an attractive, practical and affordable component of most modern building projects, bringing an aesthetic yet highly functional feature to the structure. These windows take form where the sashes slide left and right.
The advantages of sliding windows range from their sleek design, to the fact that you can control the wind and ventilation into your space to the exact degree that you like. Very often sliding windows are chosen for their unobtrusive design, or because space does not allow for sashes projecting outwards.
At Harris Aluminium, we are proud to be one of the few manufacturers to manufacture custom arched windows, each window manufactured to the customers need